You, like your home or business, are unique. You want to be distinctive and stand out from the crowd. Nuvo Iron allows you to do that with the wide variety of options that we offer - more than any company in our industry. We offer you countless options to beautify your home because we think it's important for you to have the flexibility in design when increasing the value and security of your outdoor spaces.​


We never stand still. Our design team is continually adding to an already substantial product line with new fencing designs, post collars and caps, Iron Lattice™, pickets, decorative hardware, deck railing options and much more.


It’s all about attention to detail. We start with the base metal – iron or aluminum – then add the finishes (continual testing has demonstrated that ours are the highest quality in our current market).


Architecturally designed fittings, durable hardware, stainless steel or aluminum welding, rust resistance - it all contributes to the peace of mind of knowing that your fence will last for decades.


Our pre-assembled fence sections and clamping bracket system provide a fast, easy process that reduces installation costs.


One of the benefits of our unrivalled variety is that we can offer premium products at affordable pricing to meet all budgets. This is a core value at Nuvo Iron and something we think is important, offering the best product for the best price.


There is an extensive network of retailers where you can buy our fences and accessories, both in store and online. This number is continuing to grow as more and more dealers recognize the rising popularity of Nuvo Iron™ and the breadth of options we provide.

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Quality Customer Service


At Nuvo Iron™, we believe that every customer should feel valued. Designed with your needs in mind, our primary goal is to provide hassle-free support throughout all stages of your project. No matter what the issue, we provide the same exceptional customer service you have come to expect.

Superior Coverage Meets Unbeatable Durability


Working with the principal of “Opposites Attract,” we use electrical current to deposit our corrosion-resistant coating. Improve your cosmetic appeal while staying worry-free with Nuvo Iron™.

Nuvo Iron™: Standard

Iron Eagle: Not Standard

Roma Fence: Not Standard

Ameristar Fence: Standard

Oasis Fence: Not Standard

Medallion Fence: Not Standard

* Comparison is based on competitors 2016 website and catalogue

We Prefer a Safer Approach!



Nuvo Iron’s child safety bracket provides an extra measure of confidence when you need it most. A simple concept, that ensures all-around safety while maintaining your curb appeal.

Nuvo Iron™: Standard

Iron Eagle: Not Standard

Roma Fence: Not Standard

Ameristar Fence: Not Standard

Oasis Fence: Not Standard

Medallion Fence: Not Standard

* Comparison is based on competitors 2016 website and catalogue.

"On behalf of Sami Martin and all of us at Carefree Pools I would like to thank you for making it possible for us to complete her pool and correct the wrong so as to create something positive for our industry. Details on the project will be in the December issue of Pool and Spa Marketing Magazine. Thanks for your help!"


~ Peter Kelly, Carefree Pools


"Peter from Carefree Pools told me that you generously donated the ornate iron fence to the pool project at my home and I wanted to send you an email to thank you for your generosity and kindness. It was extremely important to me to have the pool area separate from our recreational part of the yard, to protect my children from the ‘pool side’ of the yard, when adults were not outside with them. The fence is an amazing addition and just brings the project up a level aesthetically. We now will have a clean and safe pool for our children to enjoy for many many years and so, thank you again for your donation to our project Carlos.”


~ Sami & Adam Martin

"I just wanted to say that the gate system looks great.  I took some pictures and plan on trying to push this product line a lot more now that I know how good the end result looks.  Thanks for all your help."

~ David Doucette, Installed Sales Coordinator, RONA – Golden Mile 514