Top 5 Nuvo Iron Fence Designs for the Summer of 2016


Options can be overwhelming, and with fences, there is never a shortage of options. We get it. Shopping is hard. Making sure the end result looks great is even harder. Lucky for you, we did all the hard work. We’ve put together 5 of our most popular fences that are sure to make your property stand out.

Number 1: Tigers Eye


Tigers Eye is our most popular fence for homeowners and its elegant and timeless design is the reason why.  If you’re looking for a great curb appeal item, look no further, Tiger’s Eye is the fence for you.






Number 2: Coral


If you like simplicity and smooth clean lines, Coral may be exactly what you’re missing.  This profile is a great way to complete any landscaping project.




Number 3: Benitoite  


Just a little different than Coral.  Just a little different than your neighbor down the street.






Number 4: Ruby


One of the classics.  Ruby can be added to an existing or new fence project.  This profile will bring some old world charm to any landscape.




Number 5: Quartz


The Rolls Royce of fence.  You have good taste, and you don’t care who knows it.




Don’t be on the fence, get your free residential brochure here or book a meeting with one of our experts to see which fence fits your unique style and needs.

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