Louver Shutter & Blinds System (LSB48)

Louver Shutter & Blinds System (LSB48)

Our louver blinds & shutter system is versatile, customizable and allows you to take control of light and air when and where you need it. Invite as much or as little light and air into your space as desired. Made of rust-resistant polyoxymethylene, it withstands peeling in warm and sunny climates and chipping in extremely cold conditions.

  • Rust Resistant
  • Made In Canada 🍁

Louver Shutter & Blinds System (LSB48)


Versatile and customizable. Easily change the angle of your louvers to manipulate rain, sun, and air flow to go exactly where you want. 

While perfect for traditional uses such as privacy walls, they also work beautifully in a wide variety of settings (hot tubs, pool enclosures, pergola roofs etc.). Get creative! Our louvers complement both new and existing projects, and the minimalistic design offers great versatility. This allows for seamless incorporation into any of your spaces. All hardware is included for an easy, 45-minute standard installation.



Product Info:

  • Made in Canada 🍁
  • Designed for use of up to 48” width 📏
  • 1 package can complete up to 48” high (11 slats/boards) 
  • Our louver system works with 5 1/2 inch wide wood, glass, or vinyl panels for your slats (not included). 
  • Made of polyoxymethylene and protected from harmful UV rays
  • This long-lasting material wonderfully withstands peeling in warm and sunny climates and chipping in extremely cold conditions. Its self-lubricating properties reduces squeaking for years to come.
  • Includes:
    • 10 actuators
    • 22 brackets
    • Screws included



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IMPORTANT: Prior to construction, check with your local or regional municipalities for building code requirements in your area.

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