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Different Ways to Use Lattices

In case you are seeking an appealing, classic and easy fencing option, one of the best choices could be lattice fencing. Although lattices are most commonly used in patios and gardens, you can use them almost anywhere.

You can use lattices for a number of outdoor projects. Their design will give you a feeling of privacy while letting in natural light. There are a variety of fun and unique ways to use lattices.

Deck Skirting

An extremely common use of lattices is its use in trailer or deck skirting. As a homeowner, it will enable you to neatly cover any unsightly areas under your deck and will allow the moisture to escape at the same time. Lattices can also be used to develop a storage room under your deck with a small gate in the skirting.

Patio Enclosures

If you are looking to develop a private and secure patio setting, then lattices are a creative and inexpensive means to attain this. You can use a lattice panel on a single wall, or enclose multiple sides of your patio. Their design is great and will allow your friends and relatives to enjoy a good outdoor experience.

Climbing Flower Wall

A lot of people find vines invasive. But still, plenty of folks out there would like to incorporate climbing plants or vines without their home being overtaken in the process. When a lattice panel is incorporated into your garden, it will provide you an excellent way to have beautiful climbing plants while keeping them off your house walls. Trimming the vines is also easier with the lattices, when required. For similar reasons, it can also be used as great flowerbed edging.

Pool Enclosures

As lattices do offer a sense of privacy, you can also use them as spa or pool enclosures. A number of spa and pool retailers tend to use lattices in the showrooms as they are famous for this reason.

Window Screens

A lattice panel can be easily installed and pulled down. As a result, you will commonly notice them as a type of screening on many sun room windows. A majority of people put them up in sun rooms in winter months. On the other hand, many others take pleasure in this landscaping throughout the year. In the summer season, the lattice panels can provide your rooms a more closed-in feel.

Arbors and Gazebos

Although lattice panels can considerably add to or enhance the visual appeal of most structures, they are particularly ideal for smaller outdoor structures. Your gazebo can greatly benefit from a lattice panel as it allows a great view of your surroundings and creates a screened in feeling at the same time. In addition, your arbor can stay airy and light if you use a lattice panel on your roof portion.

Small decorative lattices are a great addition to any backyard project and can improve your curb appeal. They are commonly added as decorative accent features for different landscapes such as trellis for lawns and gardens where trailing plants and vines may climb as they grow.

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