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Thinking about vinyl fencing?

With summer right around the corner, more homeowners have been tackling their fencing project once and for all. Since your choice of fencing material really determines how much work you’re going to put into the upkeep, vinyl has become an increasingly popular choice for those considering replacing their wood or chain link fences. If you are considering updating your fence here are five reasons you should consider choosing vinyl:

1) Durability

Vinyl fencing is much stronger and lower maintenance than wood fencing, so it typically gives you a much better return on your investment. Wood fences dry out, deform and are at risk of fungus. Vinyl, however, is made from durable synthetic material, meaning it won’t attract mold, mildew, or pests. Sounds like you’ll be enjoying your fence for many years to come.

2) Maintenance Free

Vinyl fencing can be cleaned very easily with basic household cleaning products and there is no need to worry about rust or the colour fading. Vinyl doesn’t expand and contract with weather and humidity changes and it won’t oxidize or rust like some types of metals. Best of all, you will never need to repaint or touch up a vinyl fence, just wipe it down and it’ll be as good as new.

3) Modern

Let’s face it, vinyl fencing looks way more modern than the wood fence you’ve had in your back yard for the last two decades. It’s time to mix it up and vinyl fencing is not shy when it comes to customization, colors, shapes, textures, heights, toppers, it’s never been easier to end up with the Ferrari of fences in your very own backyard. The whole concept of the white picket fence out dated, if you really want your fence to add value than vinyl fencing is the best way to do it.

4) Great for any weather condition

It’s cold where you live? Well, guess what, vinyl fencing is flexible and won’t snap. I get it, Mother Nature can be unpredictable, but you can rest assured knowing that your vinyl fence is the best solution to any environmental situation.

5) It’s EASY!

Whether you take on the task to DIY or hire a professional, vinyl fencing is quick and simple to install. Each package comes in prefabricated parts that slide easily into place. No more cutting boards, hauling heavy materials or painting, staining and sealing in your colour. It really is as simple as it seems and won’t break the bank like many other options on the market.

Keep in mind, before making any purchases, you will want to research the different options available. Making sure you are buying your fence from a reputable company with great customer service will bring you the best overall experience and ensure you get the product that is best for your needs. Contact a fencing expert at Nuvo Iron™ to enquire about our vinyl fencing options that come with a 20 year limited warranty.

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