• Ruth Bord

How to Add Elegance to Your Backyard – At an Affordable Price!

Luscious green grass, huge shading trees, an infinity pool facing the mountains in the distance, a tiki bar filled with cold beer? That’s my dream backyard and if you have one, please invite me to your next soiree.

For the rest of us, having a dream backyard may not be realistic, however, sprucing it up and adding touches of elegance and design is both cheaper and easier than you think!

Ornamental fence and gate inserts have become a popular trend for people with wooden gates. It’s a quick and fun way to add something “dreamy” into your backyard. Available in different shapes, sizes and designs, a typical insert will run you in between $7 and $65. Nuvo Iron™ takes these a step further, making them from cast aluminum and powder coating them in black enamel to make sure they won’t rust.

Ornamental inserts can be attached to your new or existing fences, gates, sheds or barn doors. You can pair smaller inserts together for a truly unique look. Best part, the installation is simple. Don’t believe me? We’ll have a How-To-Video out for you soon.

If you don't have a wooden gate but are looking for a similar look, have no fear, you can hang ornamental inserts onto your interior or exterior walls. This will still add a trendy, elegant design to your backyard project.

Your backyard looks like a million bucks! Mission accomplished!

Need Ornamental Inserts? We’ve Got You Covered.

Nuvo Iron™ Inserts come with a back frame, hardware and mounting template to get the job done quickly and effortlessly. See our inserts here.

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